About Us

Up until the 1974-75 school year, Rosman Elementary was a part of Rosman Middle and Rosman High School. Our current building was built and students moved in during the fall of 1974. Mrs. Vera Taylor was the principal at that time and we became a K-6 school. A complete renovation was done in 1999-2000 with a full cafeteria and gym added. It was also at this time that our sixth graders moved “across the river” to be part of Rosman Middle School. In 2018, we officially added a preschool to our campus.

Today, our school is under the guidance of principal Robert Dinsdale. A lot has changed over the last forty plus years since our doors opened, but one thing has remained...the love we have for our children and the willingness of our staff to do what is it takes to confidently send our students into the world being not only college and career ready, but with a love of reading and a genuine concern for others.

Rosman Elementary School Vision and Mission Statements:


Ready for the Future!


At RES, we value respect, organization, a positive attitude, and responsibility and we ROAR even when no one is watching

R - Respect
O - Organized
A - (Good) Attitude
R - Responsibility

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